Below you will find quotes and stories from people who have attended classes or received Healing Touch treatments.  I offer these so that you can see how real people have benefited from these practices and therapies.   Namaste`   Dana


"When someone asks me if I am still going to Chair Yoga my answer is--yes, it's my lifeline.  It is keeping me mobile"   Carol

"Yoga helps to keep me flexible...there is yet a way to go but I know that when I fell last summer, I had enough flexibility to turn my body and grab a support.  I know it would have been a broken bone if I could not do that".  Harriet

"Yoga makes a difference in my life!  Having so many things in our lives we tend to not take care of ourselves.   Taking class with Dana leading us is a heaven send.  We work on different areas that often times needs focus, such as upper back and shoulders or hamstrings.  The energy I gain fro stretching in her classes is awesome.  I am thankful to have such a brilliant and caring instructor in our town.  There are so many benefits that you gain from stretching and to have that energy flow is phenomenal.  Thankful for the treasures we have in this town and Dana is one of them."  Tom

" The Yoga classes I do with Dana has improved my strength, flexibility and balance in the many years I've done yoga.  I enjoy the combination of doing the poses, the relaxation, the mindfulness and the fun people that is a part of each practice.  Dana always offers variations to the poses to those who need it.  Paynesville is fortunate to have the variety of yoga classes offered by Dana, who is an excellent teacher."  Kris

"Yoga has definitely helped my core as well as strength and flexibility.  It also makes me aware of my posture during the day.  Before and after gardening I use some of the stretches learned to ease my aching muscles.  Yoga also gives me a sense of calm and a reflective spirit."   Diane

"Vinyasa Yoga not only helps with my flexibility and strength, but also teaches me how to listen to my body and challenges me mentally and physically."

"I really enjoy Thai Yoga Bodywork because it pushes different poses for a deeper, yet more relaxed practice!"  Kayla

"I would just like to say what a quality program you are presenting!  Thanks for all your efforts to make it pure and simple.   We are very fortunate to have you in the area offering classes!  Many small towns don't do this I'm sure! " 



"Dana's yoga classes are really a joy.  She guides carefully through the positions and always provides options for more or less intense work.  She leads the class with humor and gentleness that makes participation a real pleasure."


I have attended several of Dana's classes and would highly recommend them for anyone.  The easy yoga class that I enjoy weekly is a favorite of mine.  I tell my friends it's like going to a exercise class, a massage class, and a spiritual inspirational class all in one.  I feel relaxed and renewed when I leave. It is a special treat that I give myself to help me find balance and peace in this crazy world.


I so enjoy chair yoga.  It gives me a chance to “stretch” myself without the fear of falling.  I feel so relaxed when I leave the class.  Thanks Dana for all the time and effort you put into this class.


As a massage therapist and a yoga teacher, I cannot say enough about the classes offered at Holistic  Healing Options with Dana Spates.  She varies the yoga class enough so beginners are learning poses properly, and advanced students are challenged by the progression, all while maintaining a seamless flow for the entire class.

I have attended her level one and level two Healing Touch classes, here again Dana’s knowledge and inspiration has allowed me to use this treatments with my clients especially those undergoing chemo therapy.

When I need to treat myself to body work I chose Thai Massage with Dana. Her skill allows my muscles to stay loose days after a session.

Holostic Heath Options is a blessing to our community.

Mary Lou May LMT

Yoga has become a great way for me to focus on stretching, meditation, and stress reduction. I have learned so many great techniques that help me everyday and I have shared many of this with my sisters, husband, friends and kids. It slows me a good way!  If only more people would give this a try I know they would be hooked!

Thanks Dana!


Dana's Yoga classes serve folks of any age and flexibility.  She is always willing to give a bit of personal attention so you have a full experience.


As a beginner to yoga having only attended two classes in years past, I could not have been more pleased with my experience with Dana at Holistic Health Options! Dana and my other classmates could not have been more welcoming and supportive to my yoga practice. I never once felt intimidated or as though I was unable to keep up with those advanced yogis :). Thank you Dana and my classmates for the incredible experience as I now go regularly because I love it!


Healing touch:

" I got up early one summer morning to re-stain a very large wooden  

deck that had just been sanded.  The only way to do a good job was to  

paint on the stain and wipe the excess off with rags.  The weather  

conditions were perfect so I worked the whole day, stopping only for a  

quick lunch break.  I finished 12 hours later, just in time for my  

yoga class with Dana Spates.  I was the only one who came that night  

so I asked Dana not to do poses that required weight bearing on my  

hands because they were red, sore, and swollen.  At the end of each  

class we always do a Final Relaxation, lying on our backs for 5  

minutes with the lights off.  Dana gives a mini shoulder, neck, and  

head massage at this time.  I was unaware of the fact that she also  

did healing touch on my hands after the massage.  When it was over I  

said I was so glad I came for yoga because my hands felt wonderful.  

That's when Dana told me she'd done healing touch and could feel the  

heat as she did it.  I was amazed that healing touch had the power to  

work even when the recipient was unaware it was being done.  Dana had  

helped my daughter previously with a wrist injury and my husband who'd  

twisted his leg.  There are no risks or side effects from this type of  

cure(treatment).  I'd recommend it to anyone."   Kathleen Ziegler

I feel fortunate to be able to participate in Yoga right here in Paynesville with a talented and understanding instructor.  I feel bad when I need to miss sessions because Yoga does help me feel more firm and agile even if I'd make a poor "Heron".           

Lois J.

Yoga classes help me physically and mentally.  I find that both my

body and my mind benefit from each session of yoga that I attend.

Stress levels and relaxed feelings are an added reward from all those

poses. B.F.

I love my yoga class on


 nights.  It is my "me" time, I know that for an hour and a half I have the pleasure of peace while working on my strength and inner balance.  Staying flexible is important to me, I am a dairy farmer and keeping my muscles toned and lose really helps with all that I do on a daily basis. 


I have taken many of Dana's classes and am a regular at yoga.  Both are a main stays in my my wellness and well being.  I often come from a busy difficult day at work with a headache and fatigue, after yoga I feel better mentally and physically.  Sometimes I say my practice keeps my head connected to my body.

Shari Heitke-Desmet

Yoga has been practiced for 5,000 years, so not much is new.  However,  

it is difficult to do yoga correctly on your own. I take classes 4  

times a week (and would do it daily if Dana had time) because the yoga  

"poses" need an instructor to sometimes make subtle adjustments on  

some of us for good alignment.  Dana stresses that we "listen to our  

bodies" as they tell us what's right for us to do


.  Yoga helps  

us develop more sensitivity to our bodies.  Yoga stresses relaxation  

and steady breathing (which Dana constantly reminds us to do) as we  

slowly stretch into our postures.  We hold the pose, but not the breath.

Dana has a variety of "props" to assist us as we learn to do the yoga  

practice correctly, to prevent any soreness, which comes from doing it  

incorrectly, or going too far.  We don't "go for the burn".  Yoga  

isn't a program for losing weight or building up muscle.  Rather it  

tones the body and strengthens our core muscles in particular.  I find  

yoga to be very therapeudic and know it helps to keep me limber enough  

to do various activities (such as gardening or skating) with ease.  At  

70, I'm blessed with the gifts that come with aging, such as  

arthritis, spinal stenosis, sciatica, etc.  Yoga is better than any  

medicine for my bodily aches and pains  Many of us come into class  

feeling stress, some stiffness, soreness or with a headache, and leave  

feeling great.  Yoga makes us feel rejuvenated rather than tired.  

That's probably why the morning session has the best attendance!  Dana  

is so dedicated to yoga that even when I'm the only one who makes it  

to a class because of the weather or just being too busy, she wouldn't  

think of taking short cuts or canceling.

No one "competes" in yoga or takes much notice of what others are  

doing.  The focus is inward.  New-comers get more attention from Dana  

but from no one else.  We have relaxing background music as we  

concentrate on our breathing and poses. But we also have a laugh or  

two now and then.  At the end of yoga, we relax for 10 minutes in  

darkness to allow the benefits of yoga to take effect in our bodies.  

At this time Dana most often does individual head and shoulder  

massages for those who want them.  We meditate on being in harmony  

with the world and everything in it.  The words we say put us in touch  

with our spirituality, but they do not in any way compromise any  

religious beliefs we have.  If you want more "balance" in your life, I  

strongly encourage you to try yoga with Dana Spates!