Ayurveda Yoga Specialist

Balancing your imbalances through the use of Food, Yoga and Lifestyle

The word Ayurveda means "science of life" and is based on the principle that everything in the universe is made up of five elements; ether (space) air, fire, water, and earth.   They group these five elements into three basic energies or doshas; Vata ( Ether and Air) Pitta ( Fire and Water) and Kapha (Water and Earth).

Each of us contains within in us all three doshas or energies or you could say all five elements.  However for most of us there are some elements that are more dominant than others and these elements help to form our physical and psychological constitution or doshas.

In our bodies the elements present themselves as Ether ( all the spaces of the body, abdominal space, intestinal space, etc.) Air ( all movement in the body including the movement of elimination)  Fire ( the digestive fire, the metabolism etc.) Water  (  fluids of the body such as plasma ) Earth ( all solid structures of the body such as bones).

As we contain all these elements in our bodies they can from time to time go out of balance and show up as disturbances in our health, and at those times Ayurveda offers ways through the use of Food, Yoga, and Lifestyle to help bring the elements back into balance.

We can also be depleted in our Agni ( our digestive and metabolic fire) and our Ojas ( our vital essence or energy reserve), and if so Ayurveda can give suggestions as to how to raise both of these.  If our Agni is low we may also accumulate Ama (toxins) in the body, and Ayurveda can work with ways to reduce this.

In an Ayurveda Yoga Specialist consult, we will work at discovering where the body is out of balance, and then work up a list of suggestions using Food, Yoga or other movement, and Lifestyle changes that will help to bring that area back into balance.   

A Consult will consist of two sessions;  the first will be a 1/2 hour session in which I will gather the information to determine which elements are out of balance in the body, the second session will be an hour long session in which I will introduce the ways, specific to your imbalance, that can help bring you back into the balance of your consitutional elements. 

All suggestions will be tailored to fit your level of fitness, and directions will be given in how to carry the suggestions out.

The cost of the consult will be $75 for both sessions, payable at the first session.  For Long distance sessions email me at dlspates53@gmail.com and I will give you the details.